Murderous Mid-May Stretch of Games = Real Test for 2012 REDS

Starting with Tomorrows Game against the Nationals (May 11th) the Reds will have stretch of 14 games against premier opponents all of which are playing above .500 ball. First up is a 3 game weekend series against the Nationals (19-12) who also most swept the Reds in a four game series in April. Then the Reds start a 7 game road trip that will see a 2 game series against the Braves (19-13), 2 game Series against the Mets (18-13) and a 3 Game series against the Yankees (17-14). The Road will be no easier when the Reds return home and face the Braves again in a 4 game series. This will prove to be a true test for the REDS who will need to continue to receive the quality starts and outstanding bullpen work from their pitching with the bigger test will be with often struggling offense. Facing these opponents the Reds bats will have to come alive fast as it will be necessary to jump out to early leads as often as possible. When faced with pitch duels the Reds will have to be smart and grind the at bats against good pitching. By the end of this stretch of games the measurement of just how good or not so good the Reds are will become clear as there will be very little room for error and every at bat and pitch will count. This will prove if the Reds are what they seem to be on paper. Let the test begin and let the question be answered are the Reds Great, Good or Average? Remember Great teams rise to the occasion to meet the challenge and find ways to win these Games and series.

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