Reds vs Brewers (battle of the average joes)

When looking ahead to this series before the season started, many would’ve predicted that both teams would be battling it out with the Deadbirds for 1st place in the NL Central. Instead it seems we have the battle of the average joes.

Brewers (12-16) host the Reds (14-13)

The Reds all be it are in 2nd place less than a handful of games behind the Whiny Pigeons from St.Louis, but still barely above .500 and the Brew Crew are sitting 4 games under .500. A great deal of this is attributed to lack of run production where the Reds are 21st in Runs scored at 105 and the Brewers are 16th at 113. The question I know you are asking is ‘How in the world could the Reds rank so low in runs and still have a winning record’? Well my friends that has to do with the ERA category where the Reds rank 5th at 3.25! Our pitching staff is keeping us in the ballgames.. If only the offense could just start scoring the kind of runs we know they can, the Reds could put together the type of run for the ages.. Tune in tonight when the Average Joes Series starts, and hopefully by the end the Reds look more like Superstars again and not these 22nd ranked batting average joes (.238) we’ve been seeing lately..


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