UGLY but a WIN is a WIN and a Key one at that

It was an Ugly Win partially gift wrapped the horrific pitching Carlos Marmol but a key win none the less for the struggling Reds. What difference a day makes after Marmol shut down and closed the door on the Reds Wednesday the Reds decided to stand at the plat and do what Marmol does best and beat himself. Loading the bases with a combination of walks and hits and an infield error the Reds scored 2 runs of Marmol and he walked a run home for the Reds as well. With the win Thursday over the Cubs the Reds gained a game on the Cardinals who lost to the Pirates on Thursday 6 to 3. The Reds are now back to within striking distances of St. Louis at 3.5 games back and also helped pull away from Milwaukee. In Fact the Brewers Pirates and even the lowly Astros are all tied for 3rd place at (11-14) 5 Games out of first place. So with a split in rain shortened series with the Cubs the Reds now go to Pittsburgh to face the Pirates for a 3 Game weekend series. The Reds who with the exception of Joey Votto are struggling offensively will face a Pirate team that is similarly offensive lacking production but is riding high off outstanding pitching of late. Let’s hope the Reds can find a way to get the bats going and beat the Pirates a team like the Cubs they should beat and God willing Sweep out of town.

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