Have you noticed, the Reds are getting more and more face time on National Spotlights Avenues? Check out this new commercial with Jay Bruce for MLB 2K12…



Votto, who has been a clear choice for lucrative Endorsement deals has had a bunch of front covers for magazines, most notably the SI cover. But now Bruce is in on the action and who is next BP? With these guys getting more face time one thing is for certain, The Reds Market is getting bigger. A bigger market allows for a bigger payroll. A bigger payroll allows more flexibility with roster signings and allows them put in place the pieces needed for championship runs. Hopefully this season we can see an increase in the overall attendance at GABP so it will also help with the amount of spending the Reds have in the future.. Unlike the franchise several blocks away down the OHIO, the Reds owner runs the team with “Winning” as one of the main items he gauges as being a successful sports franchise. He has shown time and time again that he is willing to reinvest in the team and wants to win a Championship here. Jocketty rarely goes to Castellini and gets denied what he wants… Can you imagine if we could go after top of the rotation guys like the Phillies or Yankees do? That the Reds name would be brought up with ANY free agent superstar as a potential landing place would be one of the greatest feelings.. And what would be even better, would be winning.. Winning changes everything.. and in Cincinnati, Its about time for a change..




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