I have said it time an time again here on this blog recently that the 2012 Reds are all in, they have pushed all their chips into the center of the table but then you see Roy Oswalt still out there (and who has expressed interest in the Reds) and he is talking to the hated Cardinals; is it time for Bob Castellini to throw some additional money on the table to sweeten the pot? I realize that Roy is 34 going on 35 by the time August rolls by and his stats are in decline. Oswalt still posted a 3.69 ERA which is much improved over Bronson Arroyo 5+ ERA last season. Now I know Bronson had some weird virus he contracted at the end of spring training and caused him to be weak at the start of the season and he never really recovered from in 2011. Arroyo is also 34 soon to be 35 in just a few weeks and honestly the Reds are betting hard he can return to his career best in wins of 17-10 in 2010 with a 3.88 ERA as he will most like be their number 3 starter. I believe the question has to asked why not if you are truly in to win and win now not sign Oswalt? Yes it will most likely require expanding the payroll this year but hey no guts no glory? So what do you do with Arroyo who we are stuck with due to his deal with the Reds and money owed to him? I will make a radical suggestion have him and Bailey and Chapman fight it out for the 4 and 5 spots and put the weakest in the Bullpen. Now with the time invested you probably give Chapman the 5 spot to see how he does as a starter. I think either Arroyo or Bailey would make excellent long relief men no offense to Mr. Lecure but either would be a upgrade in my opinion. Lets not forget that Roy Oswalt knows the N.L. Central well he pitched for Houston for 9.5 season and has only been gone for1.5 so it should be a easy transition back for him. I will admit I am kind of on the fence with the whole Oswalt thing my self but the more I think about it Oswalt brings insurance and piece of mind to the Arroyo Gamble. Also who’s to say that Uncle Walt Jocketty (who has said they are not interested in Oswalt) isn’t playing his famous wait for the market come to him and pull of another financial miracle like he did with Madson? Only time will tell but as a Reds fan the idea of seeing Roy in a Cardinals uniform makes me cringe and flash back to Oswalt the Reds killer days.

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