It’s Now or See you Later for Dusty Baker

The 2012 Reds are all in and reequipped to make a serious run to recapture the N.L. central crown and return to the playoffs however with all these additions there remains a weak link in not only Reds fans minds but also some professional MLB analysts and that link is Reds manager Dusty Baker. There is no question that Dusty Baker is a player’s coach but his in game managerial skills are often questionable. Not only has Dusty made questionable calls in game on the line moments but those calls often turn out to be the wrong ones. He also ignores stats like under using players that have favorable match ups against pitchers such as Ryan Hannigan under used in games against right handed pitchers. In fact when you look at Dusty record in the NL Central as a manager aka managing both the Reds and the Cubs the stats are strangely identical:

As you can see both are not only the same but are loosing records. A closer look at both of those 4 seasons Dusty had only two winning seasons with the Cubs and only one with the REDs. As Dusty enters this his fifth season in Cincinnati he will by far have his most talented REDs team at least on paper. Also let’s not forget that St. Louis is without Pujols and LaRussa and Milwaukee is without Price Fielder and a possible 50 game suspension of 2011 NL MVP Ryan Braun so the NL Central is much weaker than last year. If that is not to motivate Dusty let’s not forget that up and coming manager David Bell was made manager of The AAA Louisville Bats. By moving Bell there can be no doubt what the front office’s Message to Dusty is Win and Win Now or else!

Dusty Baker’s Managerial Stats:

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