While listening to recent sports talk shows in Cincinnati there seems to be an obsession with resigning Joey Votto among certain Reds fans. While Joey still has 2 years left on his contract with the Reds this small yet vocal group appears to be in a state of almost paranoia of signing or even trading Votto. Obviously it will be difficult for the Reds to resign Votto and it became even more (as Walt Jocketty has said) difficult when Prince Fielder signed with the Tigers this off season with his 200 million + contract. Now while I prefer to stay in the here and now especially with what is looking to be a very promising 2012 season I believe I have an idea to keep these fans busy so the rest of us can enjoy this season. I propose creating an organization or club dedicated to resigning Joey Votto. The Keep Joey in Cincinnati or KJC for short could help raise the 250 million+ that Joey will mostly be asking for. How do they go about raising that money you ask? Well here are a few of my ideas to get you the KJC’s out there started. Create a T-shirt with a picture of Joey Votto on it with the words “Keep Joey” on top of the Picture and the words ‘In Cincy” below the picture. How about a split the Pot raffle call it “The Votto Lotto!” Maybe do some car washes I am sure you could even get the Rosie Reds to hold the signs in Bikini’s (ewwwww). So there you go KJC’s go get it started and resend your checks to Walt Jocketty and while you’re busy doing that the rest of us Reds fans can enjoy what is going to be a great and hopefully a championship season.

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  1. realistic reds fan says:

    So to go along with the bad stadium deals the local community should pay for the players too?

  2. bwilly says:

    realistic reds fan I am being sarcastic the point I was making was some of these Reds fans should quit worrying about resigning Votto and just enjoy this season why we have him

  3. bwilly says:

    also I do agree I would never go long with fans raising money for REDS players on their own. I would say though we need to get out to that ball park enjoy a game and pack GABP while we are at it

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