Why the Reds should sign Aramis Ramirez…

-by AnkZone Sports

3rd base is a power position in the Majors, but is also a Hot Corner. But for a team that lacks a little pop in the lineup Aramis would be a good fit for the Reds Lineup. Last season Aramis batted .306 with 26 HRs and 93 RBIs. He also added 35 doubles which helped him win his first Silver Slugger Award. I know, I know what you are thinking… “Ankenbauer is pushing for the Reds to pick up a Cub?” but when you look at what our lineup would look like its hard not to want him. After all he hit .306 playing essentially the same teams he’d see next year as a Red since Chicago and Cincinnati are in the same division. Take a look at what the Lineup would be with him taking the corner at GABP next year.

1 – Zack Cozart (ss)

2 – Brandon Phillips (2b)

3 – Joey Votto (1b)

4 – Aramis Ramirez (3b)

5 – Jay Bruce (of)

6 – Yonder Alonso (of)

7 – Drew Stubbs(of)

8 – Ryan Hanigan or Devin Mesoraco (c)

That’s a pretty potent 2 thru 6 if you ask me..

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3 Responses to Why the Reds should sign Aramis Ramirez…

  1. 2r2d says:

    It is a good point but what about Rolen?

  2. las artes says:

    Is Quade even trying to win these ballgames? He says he has nobody else other that ramirez to hit clean up? How bout somebody that has more that 1 homerun and 11 RBIs on the entire season so far. The cubs will never win unless he moves aramis and bryd down in the lineup or give aramis a few days off to clear his mind. He is no longer the homerun and rbi guy he used to be for the cubs. He does not have the strength anymore.

  3. Yonder is going to have a real out season soon. Now hes goin to play with his college buddy jemile weeks in Oakland who is arguably even better. I played against both of them in college. They’re dangerous man.

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