Trades the Reds need to make this offseason…

-by AnkZone Sports

When going into this offseason I had a few thoughts about moves the Reds needed to make.. Here are a couple of them…

1) Trade Joey Votto… He doesn’t want to be a Red for his entire career and he isn’t willing to take any type of discount to be a Red again. So trade him and get someone that we can use to better our lineup. After all Yonder Alonso is a first basemen and would fill in fine defensively for Votto should he leave. A couple clubs have been rumored as to wanting to get Votto to help build their prospective team. Two of those teams are the Mariners and the Blue Jays.. One would make a “Send the House” type offer and One would send a “one for one” type trade offer. The Blue Jays want Votto because they want the Canadian to play on his home soil, and they figure that will boost ticket sales. They would probably be willing to trade Jose Bautista for Votto. More than likely it would be a multi-player deal with Votto and Bautista being the Mega names involved. I like this one.. 😉 The Mariners have been rumored to want to send some Major League talent (mainly relievers, one of which is righty Brandon League) to the Reds in exchange for Votto. I personally don’t like this idea considering you don’t trade everyday players for “once every so often” players. Just look back at the trade the Reds made with the Rangers involving Josh Hamilton… Ugh.. NO THANKS, we’ve seen that outcome already… lol

2) Trade for Top of Line Starter… James Shields of Tampa Bay Rays is apparently being rumored as being available. If in fact this is true then the Reds need to be involved with at least discussions to get the 6’4” righty. Not sure what they would need to give up to get him but I’m sure it would be Prospects who could be major league ready soon.. because the Rays are going for Cheaper / Younger talent, instead of Expensive / Veteran talent. I’m sure one or two of our Pitchers would be involved in that deal. Like Wood or someone… Another Righty who’d I’d like to see the Reds get would be Seattle’s Felix Hernandez, however I don’t think he is available.. J

3) Trade for a New Manager… If the Marlins can do it then why cant the Reds? lol

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One Response to Trades the Reds need to make this offseason…

  1. 2r2d says:

    Nice ideas. I have read that this is what the Reds will be doing this offseason. Instead of signing free agents so maybe some of your ideas will go through. I don’t think they will get rid of Dusty though, but it is worth a try LOL

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