Harang needs to be shown the door…

CINCINNATI – Ok, I know what you are thinking. Why am I so down on Harang? After all he has been our opening day starter for the past few seasons.. Well “You wouldn’t try to drive your car without any wheels would you?” That’s what it seems Dusty is doing by running the Harang-a-tang out there.. His wheels have fallen off and he’s getting beat like a red headed step child.. (sorry to all of you who are Red Heads.. lol). In his past 8 trips to the mound he has a 2-2 record, which you say isn’t too bad.. I say look at his numbers.. In those 8 starts he has 41IP 51HA 21ER 19BBA and 26Ks.. Not really the type of numbers you expect from your quote unquote “ACE of your Staff”. We are in the middle of a pennant race here and you don’t do anything to hurt your chances on purpose.. Harang though he does a lot for the community and I’m sure is a great guy, his days in Cincinnati seem to be coming to an end faster than we thought. If you remember, at the beginning of the season there was questions on if we would be exercising his option for next year. I’m sure nobody is really thinking that way now, especially with the emergence of Leake, Wood, and LeCure. I’m sure Dusty kinda feels a little sympathy for the Veteran but at the end of the day, in the words of Herm Edwards- “You have to play to win the Game”.

You run your best stuff out there and hope it beats their best stuff. You can’t expect a car with no wheels to get you to your destination, nor can you expect anything different from your pitcher. Its been a good ride for the most part Aaron, best of luck to you in your future endeavours, but I don’t think Cincy is the place for you any longer..

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