We’ve been in this spot before…

Throughout this entire season our  Reds Squad has constantly battled for 1st place. We’ve bent but not broken, we’ve Excelled but never pulled away. We should be used to this by now. Going to two out of the three games in the Cardinals series at GABP I noticed a few things. First I noticed the extra people.. lol  It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen the kinds of crowds down at GABP that we’ve seen this year. Second I noticed that the fans that were there we actually there for the Reds. In the past few years the only large crowds I’ve seen down there were for the pansies from the North side of Chi-Town. I’ll give the Cubs Fans some credit because it takes a lot to travel that well when you follow such an awful group of players. So as I sat in this Newly Formed Sea of Reds fans I remembered back in the day of a former Reds Sea where I sat as a kid with my dad. Yes I’m speaking of our last World Series season 1990. 

This season we don’t have names like Sabo, Davis, O’Neil and Larkin but we have do have some darn good players in Brandon Phillips, Joey Votto, and Scott Rolen. Sure we don’t have the Nasty Boys this season, but I hear that a having too many quality pitchers isn’t a luxury that the 1990 World Series team had. That team from ’90 wasn’t given much of a chance either before the season started, just like this year’s team and they happened to go Wire to Wire and Sweep the supposedly better Oakland A’s in the Series. Sure we haven’t went Wire to Wire, but we have fought Tooth and Nail to make this race so darn exciting that people are still talking about the Reds and the Bengals are about to have their second game of the preseason already. Fantasy Football drafts are about to start if yours hasn’t already and people know Jim Edmonds is a Reds outfielder and probably don’t know that Brandon Marshall is a Dolphin.. 

I say we’ve been in this spot before because though we may not be thought of as the ‘Best’ team out there, we do have something those other yahoos from the Midwest don’t. We have Cincinnati Tradition, Cincinnati Heart, Cincinnati Fans and a group of guys on the field who aren’t afraid of anyone and it shows!!! 

See you guys in the post season. In a SPOT WE’VE BEEN IN BEFORE!!

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