NL Central Showdown

Welcome to the second week of August and we Reds fans are in uncharted waters or at very least in waters we have not seen in a very long time. Tonight the Cardinals come to town to take on our REDS. The Reds after completing yesterdays sweep of the Cubs and a Cards loss the REDS have a 2 game lead in the Central. As a Reds fan I am feeling very good about this series. I think the REDs have proven to themselves that they are not only a good team but are the better team than St.Louis. This series is not everything as there are around 50 games left to play yet. However I do think this series is about making statements. It will come down to is this a changing of the guard in the National League Central or will the Cards reclaim there thrown. It is this crossroads this moment of truth for not just the present but for the future as well. The REDS need to come out swinging though and act like they are the team that 2 games back in August with an even harder road to go via the wildcard. They need to take the first game and take a 3 game lead and really put the pressure on the Cards. There are issues for the Reds like can Leake find some more gas in the tank for tonight’s game? How bad is Brandon Phillips ankle injury? What about CoCo Cordero can find the adjustments in his mechanics because barring a miracle of hitting by the REDS these Games are going to be close. The Reds need to not just bring their A game but their A+ Game. If they want it this is the time for the REDS!!!!

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