CoCo Wake up Call???

Time to get Cordero straightened out!!!

So I am usually pretty hard on Dusty but I got to give him credit for pulling CoCo Cordero out of the game against the Cubs yesterday. Six Blown saves in August, and ERA over 4, on track for highest amount of walks in his Carrier even more than his second year in the majors in 2000 when he had 48 and an ERA of 5.35. I think CoCo needed to be shut down he needs to know that his performance is not acceptable in the majors especially for team in the middle of a pennant race. The question is how do let him work out his problems? Maybe let him pitch the first 3 innings of the game that Mike Leake pitches in since you need to limit it him anyway? Maybe try a platoon at closer Bring up Izzy and Chapman try to form another Nasty boys? I think also maybe the REDS should think about bringing up Mario Soto to work with him I mean look at what he has done with Volquez, Cueto and now Chapman in the Bullpen in Louisville. A lot of questions and I think now is the time for leadership from Dusty and Jocketty to make the decisions and keep this team not only good but make it great to win this division from the Cardinals.

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