Corky’s Call

I was going to post this on the blog on Thursday but My Dad had a heart attack and well things have been a bit crazy but he is OK and so I Return to REDSNETLIVE to cover my REDS….

A lot of people when they judge pitching only look at the pitcher but what about the behind the plate making the pitch calls? The Catcher should also get the credit and or blame as well. One catcher I wanted to look at was Corkey Miller not exactly known for his offense but after seeing in the line up quite a bit in July (Although be it form injury to either Hanigan or Hernandez) I thought I would take a closer look.

I went back through his last 10 games from July 2nd through his last game before being sent back to the Minors on July 20th and I looked at the opponent, the starting pitcher,Win or Loss, and total earned runs in the game in which he was the catcher. What I found was through 90 innings of work his his earned runs were 35 making his ERA over those games as catcher 3.50. That is not bad especially with a catcher like Hernandez which often has a much higher ERA. Also when you look at it further you see that 15 of those Runs came off of rookie pitchers Leake, Wood and Maloney. He was 5-5 over those 10 with 3 of those losses coming off of very close games in Philly. He also called the two very tough games in which the Reds lost 1-0.

Corky was not half bad at the bat either always seeming to have the clutch hits when the REDS needed him. He hit 9 for 32 or .281 over his last 10 games as a RED. Again maybe nothing stellar but efficient.

While I agree with the Reds sending Corky back down to the minors I think if the opportunity presents it self they should consider bring him back up and maybe carrying 3 catcher especially if a play off push does happen for his calls behind the plate if nothing else.

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