I think people around Reds country are coming to the realization that this team is not going to break their heart”-Marty B

The years of of built up empathy of a losing culture in Cincinnati are beginning to give way to the reality that this REDs team at the very least is here to play till the end of the season if not more likely the playoffs.

The 2 decades since The Reds went wire to wire in 1990 have had very few bright spots and have left many in Cincinnati to be cautious of getting there hopes set too high. How many times have we been through it we root for the Reds they get into First for maybe a week or two only to see them fall apart in June or even May and we start asking ourselves when does training camp start. I would venture to say that not only have our hearts been broken but to protect our selves many of the fans in Cincinnati have become professional complainers. Its like we live for it and we take some satisfaction in tearing our teams to pieces while secretly if not desperately waiting for the Winning team to arrive.

After a horrible start that had critics out in full force sharpening our teeth early to prepare for another loosing season suddenly out the ashes arose a REDs team that no only was winning but was battling to there very last at bat to get those victories. While there was excitement of taking first place we the fans continued to guard ourselves and say well its good now but the wheels will fall off in June or when they go out West. The Reds went out west and apart from the Seattle sweep did pretty well and had a winning recorded in June. We the fans began to take notice that this team was different. This Reds team was not only Young and talented but also had the veteran leadership of Rolen and Cabrera to help lead the way. It has the Chest thumping heart of Brandon Phillips who is willing to charge the catcher at home plate and make gold glove plays in the infield every day/night. We Fans are seeing and now believing that we have a true winner in Cincinnati!

TV ratings for Reds games are up 49 Percent but attendance remains embarrassing for a team 11 games above 500. I know that times are tough and if it means the difference of you and your kids eating and a ticket to the ball game by all means feed your family but there are some great deals and promotions to be had this year. Take advantage of those deals and if you can go down to the ball park and see this team live for yourself. I can tell from my own personal experience that this team is indeed a winner and it has a magic feel to it that I have not felt or seen since 1990. We all have similar stories of or Dads and Grandpas listening to the games on the radio and taking us to the games and sharing their love of the game of baseball with us. As a result for must of us we were born Reds fans and now RedLeg Nation it is time to wake up from our 20 year slumber and witness what we have only been dreaming about.

Here is a link to upcoming Promotions and giveaways to future REDS Games…http://cincinnati.reds.mlb.com/schedule/promotions.jsp?c_id=cin

and special ticket offers…http://cincinnati.reds.mlb.com/cin/ticketing/specials.jsp

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