Jay Bruce Becoming K Bruce? W/ Graphs

Before I begin I would like to acknowledge that yes I realize that Jay Bruce is only 23 and yes he still has the potential to be a 100+ RBI and 45+ HR a season player. However when you look at the here and now, his stats particularly his Batting Average have taken a huge nose dive in the month of July.

Jay Bruce so far in the month of July is 7 for 54 bring his Batting average to a dismal .130. In stark contrast in the month of June Jay was batting .307.

As you can see in the graph above Jay showed steady improvement April through June but has since then he has fallen into a major tail spiraling slump. Jays last hit was on July 10th in Philly when he went 1 for 4. He has no HRs ,no RBIs and only 5 runs so far this month.

As you can see all of his major Batting statistics have also fallen off dramatically including his walks which would lead me to believe there has been a breakdown in his plate discipline. Also don’t let the strike outs stats fool you as it is only through yesterday (July 19th) and with 11 games left to play this month he could very easily surpass his monthly high of 28 strike outs.

It is obvious that Bruce not only needs some work in the batting cage but also I think Dusty needs to bench him for a few games to think about it. Also I think its only fair to ask the question with a surging Gary Matthews Jr. down in the minors if Jay Bruce can’t find his way out this funk it might be time to option him to Louisville to work things out.

I have added a special page on the blog with Bruce’s Game logs (through July 19th) Click here to View it

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