Ok, Now that thats over, Bring On The 2nd Half and The Revamped Starting 5

by RNL Guest Author, Steve S.

Congrats World Champs Phils, we didnt unseat you: YET! Halladay and Hamels were 2 runs better than our Rookies, and thats saying much for our future!

2nd Half Starters: Arroyo/Cueto/Volquez/Leake/Wood/Bailey/Harrang weve got somethin’ to work with here!

Relievers? Not so much, except for our not so secret wild weapon: Chapman, but what we have: Owings/Masset/Ondrusek/Smith: Not postseason or Division contending stuff there. (Maybe Micah)

Set Up: Rhodes: AllStar: will do!

Reliever: Must I beckon his name: One CoCo Cordero, like I wrote this morning, there are 25 million reasons we are stuck with him: Ugggg maybe that Latino Flair will really be there when we need it!

With all those starters, one cant help but think Reds will be shopping for pitching, and our hitting lineup may look diff if we score a Vet due to a trade of say: Stubbs/Heisey etc…hate to see em go but we need RP’ing!

Have a great Allstar Break ‘Nati fans: Stay positive! We are in this! 🙂

P.S. Folks are asking me why so upbeat after the Sweep by Philly, well MY expectations were .500 in April. This is already a tasty Sundae with whip cream and a cherry on top! So it melted on the floorboard a little we licked most of it! 😉 Well see if it all melts by Sept. or we enjoy Sundae after Sundae!  😉

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