All-Star Voting is Closed

All-Star voting for 2010 is officially closed. We find out which players won or to better yet, which fans stuffed the ballots the best. We here at Reds Net Live are hoping to have adequate representation from our 1st place Reds in the game but know we just can’t ‘stuff it’ like most other cities. But that isn’t even what the best part about All-Star voting ending. It means no more meaningless plugs for players from the home team who are by no near worthy of All-Star Status. It means we don’t have to hear Thom complain about the voting process. It means that we are back to just enjoying baseball again.

The All-Star Rosters will be announced this coming Sunday and most of the names I’m sure we’ll know, Pujols, A-Rod, Braun. My eagerness is to see who got left off and was most deserving? In my opinion and I can’t speak for anyone else here at RNL, but the rosters should be expanded so that we don’t run in to log jams at one position. For example.. Joey Votto is clearly All-Star Caliber as is Brandon Phillips, however both were trailing Pujols and Utley (before his injury took him out of contention of attending) respectfully.  Here are the stat comparisons:

Pujols – .309 BA/ 19HR / 46R/ 58Rbi  vs.

Votto – .314BA/ 18HR/ 51R/ 55Rbi

Utley – .276BA/ 11HR/ 49R/ 37Rbi vs.

Phillips – .308BA/ 9HR/ 60R/ 25Rbi

And this doesn’t even take in to account their defensive skills. But why dwell on something that isn’t going to change. It’s more about Popularity than it is for Performance. So be sure to tune in this Sunday to see who the ‘Cool Kids’ are this year. GO REDS!!!

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