Sunshine + Reds Win = Perfect GAME

Went down to the last home game today, it’s the last one till July 16th. Took my almost 5 yr old daughter down, which means I spent the first 3 innings out at the play land. You see the key to taking kids to the park is wearing them out. I used to try to sit in our seats when we first get to the park. However, that experiment always ended with me having to leave in the middle of the game (4th-6th innings) to go to the play land, thus missing most of the Reds Scoring. Now that I have changed my approach and the Reds score late, I get the best of both worlds. My daughter gets to play first and then we sit and watch the come from behind Reds score all their runs, and like today WIN the game!

As we sat down in our seats today we saw one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball on the hill and no (lol) i’m not talking about Harrang (who by the way pitched well except one inning). No the person we saw on the mound throwing up Goose eggs at the Reds was Roy Halladay, one of this year’s perfect game pitchers and he had a 3-0 lead. He looked to baffle most of the Reds hitters and was getting good defense today until Votto came to the plate in the bottom of the 6th inning with no one on. He hit his 18th homer of the season, and boy was it a shot. Stood up and cheered as soon as it left the bat. Everyone knew it was gone as it sailed at what looked like 40ft above the outfield wall. Reds were back in it, only down 3-1. Let me just add that his swing is just magical. The Reds managed to tack on an extra one in the bottom of the 7th when Cabrera singled in Hernandez making it 3-2 in favor of the Phillies. But that gets me to my most amazing play of the game and maybe the year for my daughter. Let me give you a bit of background story here. My daughter only knows one player on the team, she yells his name every time he’s up, can tell you what position he plays and I’m guessing could pick him out of a lineup and she’s 4. Well Bruce (her favorite player) comes up to bat with Jonny Gomes on first. My daughter screams ‘You can do it Bruce’.. and I’ll be a monkey’s Uncle if he didn’t smack a shot over the right field wall. ‘BRRUUUCCCEEE’ is all anyone in our section heard as he rounded the bases because she was screamin it at the top of her lungs. Fireworks going off and my Daughter jumping around as ‘her’ favorite player just did exactly what she said to do.. and the Reds won the Game taking back over 1st place in the NL Central and solidifying my daughter as a REDS FAN-4-LIFE. On our walk back to the car she said to me ‘Daddy, do you think Bruce heard me?’ and I said ‘Yes, he most certainly did’.. to which she replied ‘Cool’.

Now we head to Chi-town for a 4 game series against the cubs. Come on Reds make all of us Fans proud (especially your newest one)!!!  GO REDS!!!

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