Here Comes the Calvary

Who’d have thunk it that our big acqusitions for the stretch run for the 2010 season would be Tommy John Comebacks Edison Volquez and Bill Bray? Adding these two, at this point in the season with Fresh arms is going to be huge for the Reds Ballclub. Bill Bray is the first to complete the process.  He made his season debut last night, pitching the 9th inning (2h, 2r/1k, 1hr).  Bray had “Tommy John” surgery on 5/19/09 and last appeared for the Reds on the final day of the season in 2008. Edison Volquez is darn near ready and has 5ip, 1h/1hr, 1bb, 6k in his rehab start for AAA Louisville as I write this article.

Tommy John surgery used to mark the end of careers and now for most marks the beginning. Because of advancements in medical technologies players now come back better than ever, throwing harder and faster than when they left. Volquez is consistantly hitting upper 90’s on the radar gun and Bray’s slider/cutter has the stuff that makes hitters jerk their knees.

I don’t know about the rest of you Reds Fans but I’m certainly looking forward to our POST All-Star Break schedule. Which is something I have been able to say for many years. GO REDS!!

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  1. bwilly says:

    Excellent post Ank like the personal touch!!!

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